Note 5 Wakelock problem

I recently bought a Samsung Note 5 during the "No payments until 2016" promotion. My previous phone was the Nokia ICON, which I loved. Once I got the phone home, I started to install my favorite applications. Then disabling the built-in apps that I will never use like S Voice. Along with disabling Google Now. After a few days of using it, I noticed a battery drain issue. I was barely staying charged after 12 hours. I decided to use WakeLock Detector to try and find the culprit application. Since my phone was not rooted, I followed the guide on the applications summary. After running ADB and connecting the phone, I was able to run the application to grab the results.

We can see The Weather Channel was the culprit! I uninstalled the application right away and saw my battery life improve substantially. My guess is all the add-ons they add to the application that caused so many wakelock issues