Office 365 Tenants!

I wanted to setup an email for my domain at and decided to go with Office 365. With Microsoft's setup, it should've been a breeze. Well, it unfortunately was not.

This is the start of the adventure.

A long time ago, I forgot that I associated my domain to my personal Microsoft account in Azure. A few months later, I started the process to get Office 365 up and running. I chose the E3 subscription, so I can get the "full" set of features. The sign-up and payment setup was a breeze. It was the next part of joining the domain that took over a week to solve. I followed the guide provided by Microsoft to setup the domain.

I click the "Let's get started" button and went to the next step.
(Images are provided by Microsoft since I did not plan on running into issues.)

I went to my domain provider, added the TXT Record, and clicked the "Okay" button.

It started to verify, but I received an Error that the record could not be found.

This is where I started to troubleshoot the issue. I went to multiple DNS Lookup sites to verify the records did in fact exist. All of them were showing the record was added, including Microsoft's DNS! I was stumped why Office 365 could not see it. Another problem I was running into was the page timeout. After 30 minutes the TXT record page would need to be re-loaded and of course, a new TXT Record was generated. If you could imagine, doing this process over and over gets quite annoying. At this point I could not figure it out. Time to get Microsoft support involved. Talking with the support representative on the phone, he was trying to perform a DNS Lookup on my domain. He could not see it. Only to find out he was looking up!! Multiple conversations happened after that with different representatives trying to resolve the issue with no success. The last conversation I had, a week later, the representative mentioned "Tenants." They said that the domain was in another tenant. Of course, they couldn't provide me the information on what Tenant had the domain associated to it. The "Aha"" moment came to me and I realized that I associated it to my personal Microsoft account awhile back. Well, the new Azure Portal did not easily show the domain. I had to go back to the old Manage Azure site. I removed the association right away and started the domain setup over again. Success!!

I was able to complete the setup process of adding a user and configuring the mail server.

Overall, I am impressed with the functionality of Office 365!