Office 365 Tenants!

I wanted to setup an email for my domain at and decided to go with Office 365. With Microsoft's setup, it should've been a breeze. Well, it unfortunately was not. This is the start of the adventure. A long time ago, I forgot that I associated my domain »

Update Windows 10 Enterprise 10240 to 10586

I was trying to upgrade my Windows 10 Enterprise machine to 10586 to support the latest Edge WebDriver. The WebDriver has made substantial improvements since 10240. The issue was, the 10568 build does not come via Windows Update for the Enterprise version, unlike the Home and Pro versions. Microsoft pushed »

TRX files in VSTS build artifacts

I am working on running automated tests through VSTest or Visual Studio Test instead of the Test Agent inside Visual Studio Team Services and was running into an issue where I wanted the TRX files in the published build artifacts at the end of the build. The problem was once »

Visual Studio Team Services Default Agent Queue not displaying when creating a new build

I was working on a project inside Visual Studio Team Services and trying to create a new vNext build and was running into a problem where the "Default Agent Queue" dropdown was empty. I had build administrator permissions for the project, so I should have been able to view the »

How to send files to a Dropzone.JS element in Selenium

In one of my automation projects, the project used the Dropzone.JS JavaScript extension to handle their file uploads. With Dropzone, it generates a hidden <input> that Selenium cannot .SendKeys() to like a normal <input> field and using programs like AutoIt and the Windows Send Keys »