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Run Time Parameters with VSTest

Microsoft came out with a nice feature in Visual Studio 2015. It is called Run Time Parameters. The first blog post was posted on Sept 4th, 2015 here. A scenario is inside VSTS. A user can setup a build with run time parameters to switch a browser and/or web »

How to deploy a Nuget Server with Basic Authentication

I wanted to build my own private NuGet server with basic authentication in Azure. There are plenty of tutorials to show how to create your own including the one on NuGet's site, but they were missing the part of basic authentication. In this blog, I will review over the steps »

TRX files in VSTS build artifacts

I am working on running automated tests through VSTest or Visual Studio Test instead of the Test Agent inside Visual Studio Team Services and was running into an issue where I wanted the TRX files in the published build artifacts at the end of the build. The problem was once »

How to send files to a Dropzone.JS element in Selenium

In one of my automation projects, the project used the Dropzone.JS JavaScript extension to handle their file uploads. With Dropzone, it generates a hidden <input> that Selenium cannot .SendKeys() to like a normal <input> field and using programs like AutoIt and the Windows Send Keys »

Location testing on mobile apps with Google's API

I was testing the location functionality of mobile application using Google's APIs a few months ago. There was an issue while I was searching for locations and they were not being returned at random times throughout the day, even though I was searching with valid information. In order to solve »