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Run Time Parameters with VSTest

Microsoft came out with a nice feature in Visual Studio 2015. It is called Run Time Parameters. The first blog post was posted on Sept 4th, 2015 here. A scenario is inside VSTS. A user can setup a build with run time parameters to switch a browser and/or web »

TRX files in VSTS build artifacts

I am working on running automated tests through VSTest or Visual Studio Test instead of the Test Agent inside Visual Studio Team Services and was running into an issue where I wanted the TRX files in the published build artifacts at the end of the build. The problem was once »

How to send files to a Dropzone.JS element in Selenium

In one of my automation projects, the project used the Dropzone.JS JavaScript extension to handle their file uploads. With Dropzone, it generates a hidden <input> that Selenium cannot .SendKeys() to like a normal <input> field and using programs like AutoIt and the Windows Send Keys »

Run one Automated Unit Test against multiple Test Cases in Microsoft Test Manager

Over the last few months, I have been running into an issue with the Microsoft Unit Test Framework an association with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). The idea was to have one [TestMethod] for multiple test cases inside of MTM with test parameters to associate a suite of tests with ReadyAPI. »