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How to send files to a Dropzone.JS element in Selenium

In one of my automation projects, the project used the Dropzone.JS JavaScript extension to handle their file uploads. With Dropzone, it generates a hidden <input> that Selenium cannot .SendKeys() to like a normal <input> field and using programs like AutoIt and the Windows Send Keys »

Location testing on mobile apps with Google's API

I was testing the location functionality of mobile application using Google's APIs a few months ago. There was an issue while I was searching for locations and they were not being returned at random times throughout the day, even though I was searching with valid information. In order to solve »

Clicking element that is underneath another with Selenium

I recently ran into an issue where an element on the page was behind a static footer. In order to work around this problem, I needed to get the element into the view fully. Luckily, I could execute JavaScript to do this. IWebElement target = this.webDriver.FindElement(byElementButton); ((IJavaScriptExecutor)this. »